Decorative Stamped Concrete
in New Hampshire (NH)

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a concrete that has been cut to fit the concrete with an interior feature added to make the concrete look solid. There are several ways to stamp the concrete. In the modern era, steel plating is used.

There are many different products that are used to stamp the concrete, from which can be cut to the exact shape you want. Steel plate can be found in the modern era, but it is not as strong as wooden or iron plate. Both of the other types of plate available in the modern era are stronger than the steel plate.

The concrete that is stamped, will have a wood grain or texture to it. It is also called rail-stone because of the actual wood grain running along the concrete. The steel plate is used to fill the middle and the joint between the two pieces.

In order to achieve a wood grain look in the concrete, you will need to use a steel plate to accomplish this. To find a steel plate, you can find them through suppliers and professional suppliers. There are other suppliers available to you though. One of the ways to get steel plate is to cut out the shape you want to use a cutter that has holes for both sides of the joint.

Once you have your steel plate cut out, you will want to set it in place and then apply the cement. Using the size of joint you want to apply cement, make a circular pattern around the joint. Apply the cement one inch down from the cutting edges of the cutting plate. Place the cut concrete piece onto the steel plate and press it in place. If it needs to be a different thickness, it can be done with the steel plate.

When you have finished setting the steel plate in place, you can go over the concrete and then apply the mortar. The concrete that is Stamped Concrete looks just like the concrete that is cut to fit.

Stamped Concrete is a type of concrete that looks just like the concrete that is cut to fit it. This is great for when you need to make something that is being built solid without using concrete blocks. You can also see how it would look as an actual piece of concrete.